Preface to 2009 Trip

22 06 2011

For the past few months, Dad and I have planned this great trip, from Iowa to Oregon and back. What really started it all was the TV series, Long Way Round, that’s what first lit the fire in me to go out there on a motorcycle and see the world. Ever since I was a little kid I have wanted to go and see the West. When I was 8 or 9, Mom, Dad ,and I went out to the Black hills, but that was just a taste. Now at 17, my dad and I started to formulate an idea as to what we wanted this trip to be. He already had a bike, an ‘05 Kawasaki KLR650, so we agreed that it would be beneficial to have the same type of bike. So we kept our eyes on the web for other KLR’s and finally found a good one down in Iowa City. So one day, Dad and I went down to Iowa City Motor sports. We came back with a ‘07 KLR, black and silver, completely stock. I had my riding permit, so I had been riding our Yamaha TW200 around for a while, but after riding Dad’s KLR down the highway once, I admit I was a little intimidated to have my own. But right away I felt totally comfortable on my new bike. Our next task was to outfit our new rigs.

We both spent countless hours scouring Ebay and other sites for our equipment. Our first big purchases were our new Tourmaster jackets from Motorcycle Super Store. Then we slowly accumulated our other gear, such as saddle-bags and tank-bags, as well as a new Eureka tent for me and an extra thick sleeping pad for Dad. We bought one pair of riding pants off Ebay for me but they were to light, made for hot weather. So we ordered another pair but they weren’t right for me, but Dad liked them, so I ordered yet another pair of new Klim pants. They worked great, so then we were pretty much set, as far as stuff we needed to buy. Then we just had to go through all of Dad’s old camping stuff and get all the things we needed from there.

The last couple of weeks before we left, everyone we talked to in town asked questions and wished us a good time. One of our good friends went with us on a “shake-down” ride to Pikes Peak on the Mississippi River. I was surprised that a “Harley rider” like him would want to ride with two “Japanese” bikes, but it was a lot of fun and a good test of our equipment. So now we were done with the planning and prep,  all that was left to do was wait for the departure date.




One response

29 10 2011
Jackie Paulson (Author)

I really want to read ALL of this – wow, an adventure, vacation and take plenty of Pictures.

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